1967 portable video : inevitable exploding plastic, radical software, raindance

" The Portapak would seem to have been invented specifically for use by artists. Just when pure formalism had run its course; just when it became politically embarrassing to make objects, but ludicrous to make nothing; just when many artists were doing performance works but had nowhere to perform, or felt the need to keep a record of their performances; just when it began to seem silly to ask the same old Berkleean question, 'If you build a sculpture in the desert where no one can see it, does it exist?'; just when it became clear that TV communicates more information to more people than large walls do; just when we understood that in order to define space it is necessary to encompass time; just when many established ideas in other disciplines were being questioned and new models were proposed - just then the Portapak became available."


Beryl Korot: "Radical Software" :

Nam June Paik «McLuhan Caged (in Electronic Art II)»

'Marshall McLuhan's distorted face in Paik's 'McLuhan Caged' videotape (1967)'

Four one-man Paik shows ran in the Galleria Bonino between 1965 and 1974. For 'Electronic Art II' (1968), Paik manipulated TV pictures. These distortions – illustrated here by catalogue photos – were produced by moving magnets across the cathode ray tube or by demagnetization effected by a ‘degausser’.