3 wychwood

"Let me tentativly suggest for your series a wee book called Walden III. Our house is No. 3 and is the only house on a lovely pond in the heart of Toronto. This pond is fed by an artesian spring and constitutes the head waters of Taddle Creek ( cf. Tattle creek and gossipacious Anna Livia Plurabelle ) which runs across the city ( now underground of course ). The pond ripples outward into a heavily treed neighbourhood of twenty two acres and fifty four houses. The Park has no "roads" or sidewalks, but simply these "Viconean" circles of homes and people in a most unusual, dramatic relationship."

McLuhan letter to Frank Kermode, July 5, 1969
Book proposal.

The house where Marshall McLuhan hatched 'the global village'

The Wychwood Park dwelling overlooking Taddle Creek
that was once owned by the prophet of the information
age was an inspiration in itself, his daughter says.
It's now for sale

"The house itself is full of thoughts," says Ms. McLuhan.
"It really was an inspiration — the house itself."

No. 3 is set deep in Wychwood Park, a pastoral nine
hectares (22 acres) in central Toronto which was conceived
as an artists' colony in the early 1900s.

"Dad preferred to do his work at home," recalls Ms. McLuhan.
Inevitably, colleagues, students and visitors made their
way to Wychwood Park.

"He called it Walden III," says Ms. McLuhan ...