Personally I prefer to study the pattern minus the theory

ITEM: 62/28, handwritten note, n.d.
Keep singing = on the money = massive headstart

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ITEM: 62/28, handwritten note, n.d.
Sing/hum a not for 10-15 secs. Easy to precive that the (whole) body has adopted a specific posture. Song is movement from one posture to another = dance
Speech = same
Any utterance = same
e.g. make a table

ITEM: 62/28, handwritten note, n.d.
Pope essay on crit.
First statement of criticism as separate activity

Lit. crit. really Grammar (a bi-directional arrow is drawn over 'really', linking parts)
Social crit. too - bk (book ?) of the world.

ITEM: 62/28 handwritten note, n.d.
Criticism really part of Grammar? (+ hand-drawn line running down to.)
Education of perc. (perception ?)/of and
-> Satire


REEL H-2069 (correspondence)
Letter dated June 21, 1978 from MM to the Toronto Star

In a reply to Fulford's article re 'Frances' Marshall McLuhan (R. Barthes), MM states, Barthes is a "phenomenologist" - that is, one who tries to see the pattern in things while also playing along with the dominant theory of the world. Personally I prefer to study the pattern minus the theory.

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In an earlier letter...

REEL H-2055 (correspondence)
Letter dated October 18, 1973 from MM to Gerry Stein
Context = Gerry has just asked MM to put a selection of his writings on
education together in book form.

MM replies...So far I have not had anything to say to educators directly. The gist of my approach is satirical - in so far as the satirical wrenching of the dormant perceptual life is educational, I might be squeezed into that category.

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