para media

PARA-McLuhan = a project the late Donald F. Theall described as walking both beside and beyond McLuhan.

“We shall not cease from exploration!”


quantum retrocausality said...

"The explorer is totally inconsistent. He never knows at what moment he will make some startling discovery. And consistency is a meaningless term to apply to an explorer. If he wanted to be consistent, he would have stayed at home...I talk back to the media and set off on an adventure of exploration."

quantum retrocausality said...

"My own interest in symbolist techniques in poetry and painting, and my concern with the poetic processes and the training of perception and awareness, have long taught me to avoid fixed positions and value judgements where techne is concerned."

Marshall McLuhan,
Obiter Dicta, Letter to Atlantic Monthly Magazine,
p.39, October, 1971.

quantum retrocausality said...

"To say that any technology or extension of man creates a new environment is a much better way of saying the medium is the message."

MM, 9/16/64