The New McLuhan-L

In 2002 Peter Montgomery, the successor to George Sanderson, announced the rebirth of McLuhan-L -- on a new platform and under the aegis of the McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology (UoT). Montgomery's tenure was subsequently taken on by Michael Edmunds, the former Associate Director of the McLuhan Program. As of last week, however, Edmunds announced that McLuhan-L was closed. He stated that the closure was on the grounds that the MPCT had effectively come to a complete end. Toronto had fallen.

In view of this entirely unsatisfactory situation, fresh skins had to be found for new wine. This is the result. The the old list is reborn again — here — as the new McLuhan-L.

The Old List as Content

The new McLuhan-L is slightly different from its predecessors. When Montgomery unveiled a new iteration of McLuhan-L in 2002 he issued an edict that the list would start afresh and he absolved the “friendly rascals” of their actions. Now, however, the “friendly rascals” and their friends run the show and we do it from the middle of the mighty Pacific Ocean.

One of the projects we will attempt is to replay the older iterations of McLuhan-L to study what happened and gain a deeper insight into the figures (or anti-environments?) who have sought to continue the "trajectory" of McLuhan's work into the 21st century.