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At the speed of light, there is nothing but violence possible, and violence wipes out every boundary. Even territory is violated at the speed of light. There is no place left to hide . . . . At the speed of light, now the normal speed of life – information’s speed – there is no peace. The new matrix is . . . simultaneous, electric . . . the togetherness of humanity is now total. Everybody is simultaneously in the same place and involved in everybody . . . everything we’ve been accustomed to is obsolete now.

McLuhan observed the rise of religious fundamentalism and terrorism, during the 1960s and early 1970s, and identified the phenomena as a search for identity in the emerging “global village.”

"On the telephone, or on the air, man is in every sense discarnate, existing as an abstract image, a figure without a body. The Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland is a kind of parallel to our state. When discarnate, man has no identity, and is not subject to natural law. In fact he has no basis for morals of any sort. As electric information moved at the speed of light, man is a nobody. When deprived of his identity, man becomes violent in diverse ways. Violence is the quest for identity."